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The Esperient Platform

The Esperient platform is an end to end simulation based learning design and development toolset comprising Esperient TeamSpace, Esperient Creator, Esperient Show, Esperient AgentSDK and Esperient Analytics. The Esperient-PTAV team have helped a variety of teams build over 300 simulation based training systems. As we have worked closely with our customers we have observed their needs, requirements and pain points. The result is the Esperient Platform:

Esperient Creator: Interactive 3D simulation development

Note: this product is now discontinued.
Esperient Creator was a What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG) visual interactive 3D simulation authoring tool. Esperient Creator was used by 7 out of the top 10 aerospace and defence manufactures for creating interactive simulation based learning materials. The product was end of lifed on the 20th of February 2012. See notice here

Release Status: 3.8 available
DataSheet:PDF Download

Esperient Show: Large Area Simulation Display

Participative simulations and event management simulations often need large are displays beyond a single projector. Esperient Show (originally developed by our partner 3DIGM Inc) provides edge blending, color correction and digital image distortion correction for large networked area displays.

Release Status: 1.0 available
DataSheet:PDF Download

Esperient Agent SDK: Large Scale Agent Based Simulation

Initially developed for large scale epidemiological management simulation (Flu,SARS and similar epidemic models), the Agent C++ SDK and development environment enables very large distributed simulations (scalable to tens of millions of agents)with resources and emergent phenomena to be simulated across networked linux cluster computers. Simulation development can be integrated with 3D visualisations and tracked with Esperient Analytics.

Release Status: Early Private Beta with Select Customers
DataSheet:Coming Soon

Esperient Analytics: Performance Analysis

Esperient Analytics provides realtime feedback and statistic analysis on how simulation based learning applications are being used and which learning and decision paths are being followed. Features include summary statistics and heatmaps for User Interface and 3D interaction monitoring. Esperient Analytics is used by design and development teams to help assess application performance and by instructors with deployed solutions to track student learning progression.

Release Status: Early Private Beta with Select Customers
DataSheet:Coming Soon

The full platform is currently undergoing a private beta period with select customers and is scheduled for release later in 2012 with some additional components. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to update this and related pages with latest information, feature lists, links and demos. If you are interested in joining the beta program or more information regarding the Esperient Platform please contact us for additional information.

Our Eat Your Own Dog food
Development Methodology

In addition to product development, we use our own products to help create learning solutions and simulations in multiple industries. In otherwords we eat our own dog food.

Our customers rely on on our products to solve some of the hardest training and simulation problems imaginable. They also rely on us to aniticipate their needs and to intimately understand their requirements.

Everyday we develop simulations and training applications using Esperient Creator, Esperient AgentSDK and our other tools. We use Esperient Analytics for our internal performance metrics and services training measurements. By using our products and eating our own dogfood, we continually see what we can make better in terms of workflow, feature sets and delivery platform support. This help anticipate our customers needs and continually improve our products.

We build tools to solve problems that we (our customers and us) face everyday. We eat our own dogfood and will never sell something we do not actively use.

If you would like to know more please contact us.

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