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Esperient Forum – status update.

What next?

Firstly – wow. thank you!!!!
Over the last several weeks we have had a ton of email asking us what we were doing following the decision to retire the 32bit Creator code base product line. What is next? what are you up to?
Firstly the emails have meant a lot and have been very much appreciated.
So what [...]

LMS- One size does not fit all

Over the years we have worked a lot with Learning Management Systems (LMS) of varying sizes and types.
Thanks to our work on Creator we have been asked many times about integrating simulations with learning management systems as well as general course material. While, without doubt, Learning Management System solutions continue to grow more powerful, more diverse [...]

Esperient Creator – End Of Life.

Today we are announcing the end of life of Esperient Creator. We will be continuing to support existing customers with any support questions but there will be no further releases or bug fixes to the product and the codebase has been retired.  For support or questions please email us at support@esperient.com.
Further details:
Esperient Creator has been our [...]