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Battling the Zika virus, one old tyre at a time

From Canada, the ovillanta is a clever — and highly effective — mosquito trap made from the pests’ favourite breeding spot.
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Dr. Gerardo Ulibarri, PhD, an associate professor of medicinal chemistry and eco-health at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, had a  brilliant insight recycling tyres to create an effective mosquito trap [...]

Whatever happened to ‘bans’ on GM produce in British supermarkets? – Conversation (2015)

In the late 1990s, Sainsbury’s and Safeway… both offered GM tomato purée… GM and non-GM cans of purée stood side by side on their shelves, the former some 18% cheaper… The cans were conspicuously labelled and pamphlets explaining what GM was all about were to hand nearby. But when the stock ran out and it [...]

Chemicals That Make Plants Defend Themselves Could Replace Pesticides – Elsevier (2015)

Chemical triggers that make plants defend themselves against insects could replace pesticides, causing less damage to the environment. New research… identifies five chemicals that trigger rice plants to fend off a common pest – the white-backed planthopper, Sogatella furcifera
Pesticides are used around the world to control insects that destroy crops… One of the problems with many pesticides is [...]

The role of environmental biotechnology in exploring, exploiting, monitoring, preserving, protecting and decontaminating the marine environment – Kalogerakis &al (2014) – New Biotechnol

In light of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the EU Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, environmental biotechnology could make significant contributions in the exploitation of marine resources and addressing key marine environmental problems. In this paper 14 propositions are presented focusing on (i) the contamination of the marine environment, [...]

Information Dynamics in the Interaction between a Prey and a Predator Fish

Accessing information efficiently is vital for animals to make the optimal decisions, and it is particularly important when they are facing predators. Yet until now, very few quantitative conclusions have been drawn about the information dynamics in the interaction between animals due to the lack of appropriate theoretic measures. Here, we employ transfer entropy (TE), [...]

Agent-based Simulations of a Logistic System

Two simulations are executed with two different sets of parameters. It highlights the movement of goods over the Seine axis territory and also, how distinct …
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Agent based simulastion of logistics is becoming increasingly commmon – nice example.
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Fast and slow thinking — of networks: The complementary ‘elite’ and ‘wisdom of crowds’ of amino acid, neuronal and social networks

Complex systems may have billion components making consensus formation slow and difficult. Recently several overlapping stories emerged from various disciplines, including protein structures, neuroscience and social networks, showing that fast responses to known stimuli involve a network core of few, strongly connected nodes. In unexpected situations the core may fail to provide a coherent response, [...]

A new threat to bees? Entomopathogenic nematodes used in biological pest control cause rapid mortality in Bombus terrestris – Dutka &al (2015) – PeerJ

There is currently a great deal of concern about population declines in pollinating insects. Many potential threats have been identified which may adversely affect the behaviour and health of both honey bees and bumble bees: these include pesticide exposure, and parasites and pathogens.
Whether biological pest control agents adversely affect bees has been much less well [...]

Can CRISPR Avoid the Monsanto Problem?

It is distressing, but a fact, that the more rapidly any technology is adopted by scientists the more likely it is to leave people confused, anxious, and suspicious. This week, I wrote an article for the magazine about just such a revolutionary technique, called CRISPR, that permits scientists to edit the DNA of plants and [...]

First CRISPR Gene Drive in Mosquitoes Aims to Eradicate Malaria

The students in Anthony James’s basement insectary at the University of California, Irvine, knew they’d broken the laws of evolution when they looked at the mosquitoes’ eyes.
By rights, the bugs, born from fathers with fluorescent red eyes and mothers with normal ones, should have come out only about half red. Instead, as they [...]